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"As far back as I remember, I always had an interest in the building trades. As a young man, when work was being done in my neighborhood I would always go and watch the process unfold. Even after all these years, hearing a customer say "I love it, thank you" still warms my heart. I enjoy the challenges and the sense of accomplishment this industry brings on a daily basis. I am Blessed, Thankful and Humbled to be around so many talented people, in our company, who share the same vision of doing the right thing and going the extra mile for the customer. My dad used to say "If you're going to do it, you might as well do it right" and at TMS we have built a culture around that statement with transparency, honesty, and integrity."

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Director of Administrations & Marketing

Jordan Taylor

Meet Our #1 Woofing Crew!.png

Field Consultant

Pittsburgh Division 

Tony Santucci

Meet Our #1 Woofing Crew!_edited.jpg

Lead Roof Installer in Eastern PA

Noah Paoli

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Director of Field Ops

Steve Prodonovich

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Sales & Operations Manager Nashville Division

B.C. Taylor

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Lead Roof Installer in Nashville TN

Lino Peredes

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Site Manager

Rich Mader

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Lead Roof & Solar Installer

In Western PA

Denis Hernandez

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Meet Our #1 Woofing Crew!.png
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